Metaverse Advisory

Metaverse Advisory is a consulting, 3D development and investment firm for the Metaverse. 

We educate and train organizations on the platforms, services and business models that companies can utilize to increase their engagement with the web3 ecosystem. 

Business Opportunities for Asset Management and Advisory in the Metaverse.

We help companies spot immediate opportunities in the web3 world using a lateral thinking approach and adoption of innovation theory. 


The Metaverse is built on the shoulders of bitcoin, a decentralized currency that has sent cultural waves across the world over the last decade and has in the last 2 years since the pandemic and NFTs been accelerated into a multibillion dollar industry that is expected to balloon to 10 trillion by 2030.

Why we chose a Web3 Metaverse

The evolution of opportunities in tech. The birth of the next wave of multi billion dollar companies. We believe that the real value of the metaverse will be the way in which it can help augment and extend those experiences.

In practice, this will mean resisting the temptation to “optimize for attention” in the design of your metaverse products. Instead, we advise you on how to “optimize for intimacy” and look for ways to make relationships in the metaverse as vibrant and authentic as possible.

New frontiers of VR and AR technology will undoubtedly have a key role to play in enabling the creation of those authentic relationships.

The web2-era’s digital trends didn’t just introduce new ways of banking – they also introduced a completely new digital economy, which included new jobs, modes of social interactions, commerce, and assets. As the immersive 3-D economy and web3 phenomenon grow over the coming decade, the metaverse is expected to do the same.

DAO Policy Advisory

Metaverse Advisory believes in working on applying our knowledge of global macro and micro policy as a service for DAOs.

DAO Capital Advisory

DAO capital advisory is a pain point for many DAOs who struggle to diversify their portfolio. We offer our insight with tried and tested risk management practices.

Sovereign Services

The rules for cryptocurrency and the banking hurdles can be tough to face for many of these individuals. Metaverse Advisory offers their well established routes to assist these individuals with relocation and taxes.

DAO Asset Management

The ESG & SRI principles are valuable, tried and tested voting guidelines which can shape the Web3 space into a more community-centric, transparent and overall safer environment.

Metaverse Advertising

We've build an adserver that displays 3D advertising on virtual billboards in Decentraland and can also be placed and 2D banners on the largest web3 blogs and websites in a decentralized PPC model.

Digital Asset Acquisition

We work with regulated entities and go through the necessary checks and balances to carry out transactions for the acquisition of digital assets such as cryptocurrency, virtual land and blue chip NFTs for companies worldwide.

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Learn Metaverse Skills To Boost Your online presence

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors

As consultancy clients, you will have access to our experts for 45-minute, 1-on-1 sessions, which will allow you to receive tailored training from our team in any Metaverse aspect which your team will require further, in-depth knowledge on.

1 on 1 meetings with our experts:

Each section of our report shall be written by industry-leading experts which work for our company.

Network Management

Finally, we will also leverage our network of community members, partners, investors and vast Metaverse-based clients and contacts to bring visibility and partnerships towards your brand.

Session 1

Intro to the Metaverse

What metaverse worlds exist? Such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Pax World, NFTworlds and more are on the rise. How are they changing industries? We'll discuss the different levels of immersion, and discuss the similarities & differences between the tech boom in the early internet boom to the NFT industry. We'll discuss the Future of the Metaverse (Industry, Future Market Cap, Innovation, Marketing). We'll also define keys concepts and how they work (NFTs, DAOs, Blockchain Tech).

Intro to the Metaverse

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Session 2

Intro to NFTs and Blockchain

We'll be tackling questions questions whilst giving you a virtual tour of the many projects that exist out there. Their history and relevance due to the innovation. In addition we'll keep fundamentals at the heart of this discussion. What is a Blockchain Network? What are NFTs? (Community Concept) Land as NFTs in the Blockchain Network

How to build a successful email newsletter

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Session 3


- Analysis on the Market Info (Location, Location, Location) - What is the difference between Fashion District, Genesis Plaza, having a property on a road, neighbors, etc. - Buying Land - How to buy land, what is the process, step by step guide on how it works - How do you rent land? What is the process? Step by step guide on how it works - Differences between buying and renting land (Pros and Cons) Key Addition: What land do we propose for you? Renting or buying? What do you need?

How to use online reviews to boost your business

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Session 4


- Real Life Real-Estate vs Metaverse Land (Intro to Utility, what you can build, why you should build, think outside the box) - Examples of what has been built Key Addition: What kind of utility should focus on developing, so as to reap the best business value from Metaverse tech?

Best Practices For Linkedin Features Used For Social Recruiting

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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